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He was born in 2008 in the heart of South America's CHD'S Agrochemical SAIC, one of Paraguay's most modern and efficient agrochemical industries.
Its directors Jaime Zorzetto and Joacir Alves, since the foundation of today's industry, work hard in every detail, from the strategic location of all the technology used in their production lines, research, and qualified professionals who guarantee the differentiated quality of our products and formulations.

Quality is CHD's main commitment to its customers, we have a broad research and development of products, goods and mixtures, in addition to the most advanced laboratory in the country that has the most rigorous quality control, adapting the formulations the certifications of the Mercosul. We test our products with large companies in the global marketplace, as well as ensure the safety of total quality compatibility of our products.

The large production capacity guarantees our customers the peace of the more than 100 products patented by CHD'S in Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil when they need it.

CHD'S produces efficiently, socially and environmentally responsible, and its main commitment is to offer the best solutions in the form of agrochemicals for its customers.

Our Mission

Develop technologies in products, providing the best management solutions for the most diverse crops in a sustainable way, promoting the progress of the countries where it operates and investing in its collaborators.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the most efficient agribusiness chemical industry, perfecting its processes and seeking innovations, bringing technology and safety to the farmer, promoting a profitable and sustainable agriculture.